CUBO - Plasma Coating


The plasmapolymer coating is used for corrosion protection for parts in condensing boilers, among others: no deformation of geometry (part will keep it's original shape), no forming of corrosion products (contamination)  with the substrate, corrosion protection, easy to clean, etc. At start it will be used for example in the 83 Heat cell with the heat exchanger in it. This contains the new generation aluminium 83 (Twisted) Finned/Flow Tubes (plasmapolymer coated on the flue gas side).

CU80 Plasma Coating Machine is by Gramm developed Second Generation. lts output from the original 88 tubes/3h is raised to 176 tubes/h. ln the entire production, the whole process is controlled by computer so that every tiny detail is under control. With the CU80 Second Generation, quality of the tubes has been enhanced and stabilized.


• Better quality
• More Output
• More consistent quality



等离子聚合物涂层用于冷凝式锅炉的零件的防腐蚀保护,除此之外还有以下特点:不变形(零件会保持它的原有形状)、底层不形成腐蚀物(污染物)、防腐蚀保护、容易清洗等等。起初,它被用于例如带有热交换器的83热辐射指示器。这包括新一代的铝质的83(扭曲的)鳍片管/  流量测定管(在烟气面进行等离子聚合物涂层)。